` Infrastructure | GEAR Foundation
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Weightless bags
Carrying heavy bags to school is a drudgery to the students. Why carry the whole notebook when the assignment is done on a single sheet. This has led to an innovation at GEAR where notepads are provided to the students. Students work on a single sheet of paper which can be removed from the notepad and submitted to the teacher. Teachers also need not carry heavy notebooks but can just correct the papers which are submitted to them.

Filing system

The habit of maintaining their papers is inculcated in them through the unique filing system maintained at the school. Students need to file their papers according to the subject instead of carrying bulky notebooks.


Chess is encouraged as a time-filler game.during small breaks. Children can be seen playing this game on boards set up all along the corridor. Chess which is considered to be an individual game is used innovatively as a team game where students are divided into vertical as well as horizontal groups and encouraged to gather points for their Houses. This is achieved by wall-mounting chess boards placed at vantage points at the school. Classic moves of famous games.are also re-enacted as a game in progress. The idea is to encourage each student to concentrate and develop their thinking ability through the game of Chess .

Basket ball

Vision is to enable children from Std. I onwards to learn the game and to provide an opportunity to each and every child to practice the game within the given time. The Basket ball court has been designed with a number of baskets of different levels on either side of the poles. Our Basket ball court has been slightly modified to accommodate eight additional boards of varying heights. This allows students to practice dribbling and their shots without disturbing the practice match.

The Campus

Our campus has been designed with an environment friendly and earthly approach to construction. The amphitheatre is where our daily assembly is conducted with students putting up various shows everyday The stage also serves as the viewing gallery for our squash court.