Digital Portfolios



Our GEAR Cubs are encouraged to pursue their talents and passion projects, in whatever field that they may be. Several of them have gone on to create online platforms for themselves where they can showcase and share their work with the rest of the world. Please take a moment to go through their digital portfolios and show your support and encouragement by liking or following their work.



Devi Shastri has been in GEAR since 2003 and graduated in 2015. She is a talented writer with a strong voice,  who is able to connect and make a deep impact with her reader. Her blog can be found here.

Right: A poem titled Soul Translations that can be found on her blog.



The greatest tragedy is not the brutality of the evil people, but the silence of the good people.✔️ . . . #cellularjail #colorpop #series #phoneonly #editphoto #click #cameramoments #way2ill #justgoandshoot #like #follow #instagood #theimaged #fatalframes #thecreativeclass #thecreativeaffair #visualsoflight #urbanandstreet #visualsgang #makeportraits

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Aryan Sharma has been in GEAR since 2004. He is a photographer who uses nothing more than a phone camera to capture amazing moments in his daily life. Please click here to view more of his photos.



Anusha Sarah has been in GEAR since 2016. She is a talented individual, who uses art as her medium of expression. Click here to view more of her artwork.


Thomas Tarang Joseph has been in GEAR since 2005. He is a musically gifted individual with a soulful voice, who covers songs and composes them as well. More of his videos can be found here.

Nikhil Ravi has been in GEAR since 2002. He is a photographer who enjoys clicking photos of the unfiltered beauty of nature. Several photos that are on our website were even clicked by him. Please click here to view more of his photos.