Sports are an integral part of any institution of learning. They not only help keep the body healthy but also build various performance capabilities like endurance, discipline, introspecting, team building and leading.


The sports offered at GEAR are:


Basketball:We have an international standard synthetic Basketball court that was the venue for the Junior NBA tournament held in 2016.


At a short distance from this court is a serious of basketball hoops set up at different heights, so that even the little ones can experience the joy of scoring a basket.


Tennis: We have an international standard acrylic court, as well as a Mini-tennis net that can be set up for the Montessori students to play the sport.


Chess: Chess is encouraged as a time-filler game during small breaks. Children can be seen playing this game on boards set up all along the corridor. Chess which is considered to be an individual game is used innovatively as a team game where students are divided into vertical as well as horizontal groups and encouraged to gather points for their Houses. This is achieved by wall-mounting chess boards placed at vantage points at the school. The idea is to encourage each student to concentrate and develop their thinking ability through the game of Chess.


Squash: Three international standard wooden courts are at the disposal of the students to play the game that helps enhance their coordination, agility and strength.


Table Tennis