GEAR Emergent Montessori Plus

Early MI Enrichment & Acceleration-Reggio Approach


First Step: This is an important day for our tiny tots who graduate from M3 (Montessori 3) to Grade 1. All the little ones from every Montessori environment get a chance to come up on stage to speak, sing or dance. These young GEAR cubs always manage to entertain their parents and the rest of the audience with their adorable antics on stage. All the M3 children also receive their graduation certificate on this day.


MI ACT: Also known as the Multiple Intelligences Activities Exhibition, this is an event that is held every February that showcases  the teacher-created materials, and activities that were used throughout the year. These materials would have been created by the mentors to teach a particular concept in an effective and enjoyable way. The students’ responses to these activities are also part of the exhibition.


This exhibition acts as an open house where the parents and public get to know about what actually happens at GEAR, in terms of the teaching methods and learning processes. It is a chance to see a glimpse of all the classes in action be it Sculpture, Yoga, Theatre, Karate, Music, Visual Thinking, Math lab, sports and games, academies along with all other hands-on activities of various subjects.


Sports Day: Like any other  sports day, their sports day comprises of simple games and events wherein children use skills which are similar to what they use in their environments. But unlike a regular sports day all the children are winners.