Modes of Learning

GEAR is based on the concept of School Beyond Walls, where the rigid boundaries of a classroom are dissolved and learning is based on real-life situations. Children continuously construct, refine and reconstruct their knowledge through each experience that they have. As a way to understand what type of knowledge seeking and learning occurs at different ages,  GEAR cubs are clubbed into Modes.


Exploration Mode (EM): Cubs between 2 and 5 years old. This is the age of exploration where a child actively and continuously explores their environment. This is an integral phase of development as more learning and knowledge acquisition occurs during this phase as compared to the rest of a child’s life.


During this phase, children are engaged with Montessori apparatus that attracts them to their learning zone. Adults guide them through this process and help them form concepts and absorb information. No “testing” is needed or required during this phase, Children must absorb and learn as much as they can, in a way they are comfortable with, working on materials. How they learn is more important than what they learn.


Formation Mode (FM): Cubs between 5 and 9years old. Throughout this developmental phase, children gradually become more independent and gain self-confidence. They will continue to exhibit a genuine enthusiasm for learning new concepts, and take strides in developing the necessary skills to understand the world and people around them better. This is the phase of “learning to learn”.


This learning and formation of new concepts is facilitated with the help of teacher-created hands-on activities that help facilitate learning.


Experimentation Mode (XM): Cubs between 9-13 years. This phase heralds the use of concrete and logical thinking. As questioning and experimenting with thoughts and ideas are the hallmark of real learning, children are challenged to think out of the box. GEAR cubs are exposed to Divergent Thinking and Convergent Thinking and are encouraged to innovate and create on their own.


MASS Mode (MM): Cubs between 13 and 17 years. This is the stage children usually develop and identify specialised skills and interests. MASS stands for Mastery Learning , Abstract Learning, System learning and Scholastic Learning. As the name suggests, this phase involves honing and learning skills that would be applicable to the real world of further professional learning and life.