Letters from Parents

  • Dear Sir and Savi Maam,

    We are parents of Akshaya Sriram of 4th grade. We are leaving the country and would like to share few things before we leave.

    Akshaya started going to school at 2 and a quarter years and since then GEAR is the second home for her.

    These days lot of us are confused on what we want or expect from schools. But we were very clear about what we wanted and that was always "values". Academics can always come later . Values and growing up with empathy will make the child successful human being and that would be the best contribution to our society.

    I am so proud GEAR instilled that into our child. Watching Akshaya everyday we have come to understand that it is all from the school that she has learnt. She also teaches us sometimes. 🙂

    So having said that whenever you feel little low please think of some of us who would always be indebted to all the values you have given to our children.

    Please continue all the good work.

    I am very confident wherever my daughter goes she will always be a GEAR CUB and stand out.


    Thanks and Regards

    Yamini and Sriram

  • Our daughter Devika has been a part of the GEAR family since February 2004. Devika was just 2.6 years old when she started her schooling at GEAR at the M0 level.

    Right from the prospective parents meet in December 2003 till today, January 2012- our experience has been beautiful.

    We live in south Bangalore, surrounded by n number of CBSE schools...yet we have chosen GEAR. We are constantly asked 'Why did you opt to put your daughter in a school so far away from home.?'

    We have many reasons to have done so.

    Devika did not attend an interview at GEAR, we recall the morning we were given an appointment to meet the principal Mr. Srinivasan along with our daughter Devika. The meeting was undemanding, uncomplicated and child friendly. We right away felt this is the place for our daughter to grow. Mr. Srinivasan told us "What can I interview a 2.6 year old child even before admitting her in my school." This was such a refreshing welcome change from all other schools where the child is expected to know so much even before he/she begins formal education.

    Be it annual Day or MI Act or assembly activities, every child at GEAR is given an opportunity and each child is equally encouraged and supported. Every child's strength is identified and acknowledged during Talents Day and through the year and the child is also helped to overcome his/her inadequacies. 

    As part of the teaching talents program I ( Devika's mother - a speech language therapist) have been a resource person wherein I gave a talk on speech language problems in school children sensitizing GEAR Mentors to the needs of children who may have such difficulties. I have often helped the teachers in referring a child (with  academic difficulties) to a resource specialist. The sensitive approach, the individualized concern and attention to tiny details for each child is commendable. 

    We would like to sincerely thank you Sir for the excellent support, encouragement given to all the children who are in GEAR. It is indeed remarkable to see your dedication, commitment, perseverance and determination.

    This letter is our way of showing appreciation and expressing our gratitude.

    Thank you once again...

    "The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners; it is in making winners out of ordinary people" (K Partricia Cross)

  • My daughter, Sanhitha Purushotham, has been studying at GEAR Innovative International School, Doddakanneli, Sarjapura Road, Bangalore right from her 3rd Standard (2002) onwards and is currently in Class XII.

    I would like to place on record that we are extremely happy with the way she has been molded all these years. Every aspect of her studies is taken care of by the school. Being in IT field and with all the extensive travelling, I literally couldn’t spend much time on her studies. However, the Faculty of the school have really filled-in this gap. There was never a day that I had to worry about her studies. This is evident from the fact that she passed her Class X with a CGPA of 9.8.

    During the course of her studies at GEAR, she has also been into many extracurricular activities. Today I am very proud to say that she is one of the very good Basketball players. She has participated in so many Basketball matches both in Bangalore and even outside the state. We were very comfortable sending her outstation - sometimes even for a duration of 6 days for Southern Zone CBSE Basketball matches at Hyderabad etc. The reason being, the way the school takes care of the children – always a lady teacher would accompany the children along with the concerned Physical Educations teachers.

    She has also participated in many competitions in and around Bangalore like – Sports Meets, Environment protection, Cultural Meets etc. We always had the luxury of the School bus coming and picking her up from the regular pick-up point in the morning and drop her back at our door step if its slightly delayed in the evening. And always there would be at least one lady teacher in the bus until the last child is dropped.

    The other important factor about the school is, the way they encourage the children by giving them important responsibilities based on their capabilities. In our case, Sanhitha has been the School Captain while she was in Class IX and continued to be the Senior School Captain even during her XI & XII Standards. This has given her a very good opportunity to enhance her leadership qualities. The point I would like to highlight over here is, every student is very closely observed and their innate proficiencies are brought out in a very distinct way.

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal and all the Staff for their untiring support, guidance and values that they have bestowed upon Sanhitha all these years.

    Best Regards,


  • My daughter, Maitri has been with GEAR since her 5th standard. The last 7 years with the school have been wonderful and my daughter has grown from strength to strength. The school model of education has encouraged my daughter to delve deeper into each subject, develop a passion for excellence and has build a strong belief in her abilities. Beyond academics her personality has blossomed and she has become a confident , yet very caring person. The processes followed by the school have encouraged her to build excellent communications skills, ability to adapt to different environments, and confidence to face different challenges.

    The teachers have been a very important part of this journey. They have made learning very interesting and enjoyable. They work with each child building their strengths and ironing out their shortcomings. My daughter has always experienced this caring approach and always looks up to each one of her teachers. All children continue to stay in touch with their current and past teachers.

    The school has been an extended family to my daughter and she has build lasting friendships with many children. The school never compared one child to another and yet encouraged each child to excel in its own way. The children are therefore self motivated to excel and have a strong sense of respect for each other’s ability.

    The principal has been in particular very approachable and has always been open to ideas from parents and children. Many of our suggestions, to the extent they have been practical, have been implemented. He has been personally encouraging each child to excel and his words of encouragement have been very inspiring for my daughter. He is very passionate about the model this school follows and we have experienced continuous improvement in the model of delivery over the years.

    Best regards

    Srinivas Uppaluri