GEAR Emergent Montessori Plus

Early MI Enrichment & Acceleration-Reggio Approach

Parent-Mentor Interactions

Our school year comprises of two terms. Parents are given a Cumulative Record of Learning (CRL) at the end of each term. It is termed so, as the CRL that parents receive is based on the mentors Daily Observation of the child in their GEM+ environment, which then gets summarised bi-weekly and at the end of the term forms the CRL. Our CRLs are very personalised and descriptive in nature. There are no checkboxes that mentors tick, further reinforcing that there cannot be one standard matrix to evaluate a child.


The CRLs are actually e-CRLs as they are sent out via an email a few days prior to the scheduled CRL interaction. These interactions are scheduled at the beginning of the year and communicated through the school calendar. We request parents to plan all their holidays keeping the CRL dates in mind. We would request all the parents to make time for these scheduled discussions, as this is an opportunity to meet the respective mentors of your child’s GEM+ environment personally to discuss the progress of your child.


The CRls as a soft copy also ensure that parents never lose the same as it can be stored on the cloud accessible at anyplace or anytime. Thus ensuring that parents always have a record of their child’s growth to go back and reminisce over.


Apart from these scheduled CRL interactions, parents can send in a letter asking for an appointment to meet the mentors if they feel there is an issue of any kind, or if any clarification has to be made. The letter like all communication with the school should carry your child’s name, GC no. and GEM+ environment name, along with the specific area of concern.  A time will be given based on the nature of the request. Similarly, mentors may also call for a parent meeting if they see a need.


At any given point, parents can always approach the school in the form of a letter or an e-mail sent to