CIPE ( Creative, Inventive and Productive Excelment)

“Creative, Inventive, Productive, our thinking shall be…” is a line from our school song. CIPE is a way to encourage this type of thinking. As the name suggests, it is an innovative curriculum developed to help children explore concepts taught, hypothesize on their own and become inventors. They are encouraged to use local knowledge and get inspired to think critically, creatively and become problem solvers. Our CIPE model of education has been accredited by LWF-UNESCO-Learning Without Frontiers in 1996. As part of CIPE   there is an annual project called CAP (CIPE Annual Project),  where students take up an in depth study of a topic all year long which is assessed extensively. The topics are a Tree for Grade 5, a place for Grade 6, a person for Grade 7 and a simple machine for Grade 8.


Each child must select a specific topic within these themes and gather and learn as much information that they possibly can about it throughout the entire academic year. It culminates with a child compiling all the information they gathered in the form of a project. For example, if the theme of the year was “Tree”, a child could pick the apple tree as their own personal topic. The child would then need to find an apple tree that would be easily accessible to them, so they can take pictures, collect leaves, observe what animals, birds and insects live in that tree etc. Their final project would include answers to questions such as ‘Where did apple trees originate from? What are the benefits of apples? What are the different types of apples?’ and would also include poems about their apple tree, a possible board game that they created based on the tree, simple recipes using apples, interesting facts about the apple tree, the symbolism of the apple,  a drawing of the apple tree, the possibilities are endless. This way, each year each student gets in-depth knowledge about a particular topic and also learns from their peers about other topics as well.


This CIPE curriculum is  an enhancement that will produce thinkers who are curious, and who will  research and innovate.  Our founder has dedicated his life for the future citizens of the world. Developing models and methodologies that bring out the best in each one of them. We have seen excellent results through this model of education. Infact one student even filed for a patent on a system of gears that he developed as an extension of his CAP-Machine project.