Admission FAQs


1. When is the right time to apply for admission?
The ideal time to apply depends on the child’s age. The child should start school with us at the age of 2 years 5 months. It is ideal to have the admission finalised before the child is 2 years old. For lateral admission also there is no definite time. If there is a vacancy and the child qualifies, admission is possible any time of the year.


2. Admissions to senior classes are based on what criteria?
The sole point of consideration is whether the child could cope with our kind of rigorous thinking model and they being able to stand by the ideas of the school.


3. What is the admission procedure?
First the enquiry form needs to be filled and posted/emailed to the Principal with the necessary documents if applicable. If there is a possibility of admission we will request the parents to register the child’s name and parents would be called for the next PPM.

4. Is there a time limit within which we need to take our decision?
Yes, within a week after the Prospective Parents Meeting (PPM).

5. Can anyone attend the PPM?
No, only parents who are registered for the PPM can attend the same.