Assembly Activities

All the children are grouped into four Houses; Cauvery, Ganga, Krishna and Narmada, named after the mighty rivers of India. It is the duty of each House to be in charge of the daily assembly activities. Assembly happens every morning, and it is during this time that children put up plays, dances, recite poems, sing bhajans and discuss the news and current events. A general theme or topic is given to the children each month, around which they base their planned assembly activities. It is the students who are the House Captains and Vice Captains, who are in charge of what happens on stage every morning.


This provides a platform for students to expand their horizons by not only learning about new topics and ideas but also trying out novel ways to present these ideas to the rest of the school. Added to that, every student has a chance to come up on stage, be it to share the thought for the day or to sing a song or any other activity in between.

There is a dedicated day in the week where the assembly gets extended into the first session of the day for a Divergent Thinking session. This session is usually conducted by our Founder & Chairman Dr M Srinivasan.

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